About Us

Lucky Thanka was established by Mr. Narayan Krishna Shrestha in 1983 who has long
experience in the sector of export & import business in Nepal. Lucky thanka especially deals in exporting the handicraft goods such as Thanka paintings in several formats (i.e. Canvas, Leather and Plywood etc.). The company is legally registered in the government and also registered in mandatory sub-official part of the government authority.
Lucky Thanka is proud to be a member of handicraft association of Nepal and the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company has earned solid reputation in this field and attends several trade and exhibition shows in around the country and aboard.
Lucky Thanka produces the finest Thangkas for export, and most of the local artisans depend on the stores like for sourcing thangka.

Lucky Thanka
Thamel chowk,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucky Thanka on LinkedInP. O. Box. 14396
Phone no.: 977-1-411627, 977-1-4700191
Email: info@luckythanka.com
Website: www.luckythanka.com