Friday, June 28, 2013

Karma And Its Effect

The main teachings of the Buddha constitute the Law of Cause 
and Effect. Although all the beings in samsara seek joy and 
shun sufferings they are ignorant of the cause of happiness 
or sorrow. In fact, the happiness and suffering of the sentient 
beings are the results of their own virtuous or non-virtuous 
Guru Suvarnadvipa of Indonesia once told Atisha 
Dipamkara, “Until you attain freedom from the delusion of 
ego-grasping, follow the Law of Cause and Effect.”
With the purpose of creating fear in the minds of people from indulging in non-virtuous acts and understanding 
the essence of defilements, various wrathful images are being 
manifested by the enlightened beings specifically in Vajrayana