Thursday, September 8, 2011

Namgyalma Body Structure Details

Namgyalma also known as Ushnisha Vijaya(Sanskrit) is the victorious hair or crowned mother buddha. She is white in colour and has 3 faces, white, yellow and blue. Her faces have peaceful, semi-wrathful and wrathful demeanours. She has eight arms, each holding different implements and sits in the meditative position on a lotus. She is a female bodhisattva with three faces and eight arms and one of the three reverend deities of longevity. her middle face and eight arms are white, symbolizing the elimination fo disasters. There is an eye on each side of herforehead and a coronal is twisting around her painted on her crown. As required by the sutra of measurements for the construction of staturs, this mother buddha should be moulded as a maiden of 16 years old. Half of hair should be braided with the remaining hair hanging doen and the tip being longer than her elbows. her face should resemble sesame and her eyes red lotus petals. The yellow face on the left side symbolizes bebefit and longevity and the blue face onthe right side symbolizes the defeat of devils. The mother buddha is holding a double dorje on the one hand of her main arm and rope on the other hand. While the palm of herthird hand is facing the front to graitfy peoples wishes. On the left side, her first hand is holding up, while her second hand isgrasping a bow and her third hand is holding an Amrita- kalash with a flower in bloom. According to the buddhist scriptures, the followers who practices Buddhism should regard the victorious hair Crowned Mother Buddha as a female Boddhisattva who rids of miseries and disasters. practising her dharma can help lengthen their span of life, increase their happiness and wisdom, eliminate their sins and shield them from evil omen.