Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maha Chundi Mantra (Mother of seven billion Buddhas)


Om (A U M): means oneness with the Supreme, the merging of the physical being with the spiritual. The most sacred syllable, the first sound of Almighty. This scared syllable appears as a mystic sound, regarded as the basis of every other mantra. It is the sound not only of origination but also for dissolution. The past, present and future are included in this one sound and even all that transcends this configuration of time is also implied in OM.
cali, culi: prounced as cha’li, chu’li; a loving play on her name: Chundi.
Cundi (cunde, sundhi, chundi) : (lit.) extreme purity, immaculate. “c” prounced as “ch” as in “china”, not as “k” in “can”.
svaha: Being auspicious! all hail! auspiciously fulfilled, as wish, “May the meaning of the mantra take root in my mind”.
Seed syllable: ‘Zhun’; Mudra: top & side view
Maha Cundi Bodhisattva whose secret name is Great Victorious Vajrais is known as the mother of billion Buddhas, also is one form of Avalokitesvara. She is the seated figure with 18 arms which symbolize (the Hindu way, not exactly a celestial body) the many skillful means of Tantra. She is the source of all the Buddhas of past, present and future and had unimaginable power of blessings. Those who practice this bodhisattva will attain wisdom, victory in debate, harmonious and respectful family, improved relations with others, longivity, healed sicknesses, removed of negative karmas, and other wishes fulfilled.
Mantra: namah saptanam-samyaksambudda-kotinam tadyata: “om cale cule cunde svaha”
means: Adoration to seven billions ‘perfect status, perfect enlightened one’ like this: om cha’le chu’le Chun’de, All hail!